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It is commonly said that you are what you heat. Over the years, people have become very unhealthy as a result of the changing lifestyle. Cases of obesity and overweight have skyrocketed in the recent years and this can be

In today’s times when the technology has given rise to many benefits then the medical world has also gained benefit from technology which is amazing. When the medical world has grown to a phenomenal level, then you can find help

Dibutylone is the drug which is similar in effect to the methylone. This drug is named as DMBDB, booty or beauty drugs. This is the potential drug which is now being available in the developed countries like UK, USA and

The Chinese people are familiar with the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba from thousands of years and have been using it for boosting memory. Modern scientists and medical researchers are trying to find out the reasons for the benefits of this

In the US, maple syrup should be made from maple sap by rule. It is just being added by few amounts of salts. Maple flavored syrups will also come under the category of maple syrups but will contain additional ingredients.