Know About Ginkgo Biloba and Its various Benefits

The Chinese people are familiar with the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba from thousands of years and have been using it for boosting memory. Modern scientists and medical researchers are trying to find out the reasons for the benefits of this herb. It can not only boost our memory, but also cures asthma, headache, libido and energy as well.

For many years, people were using it only to boost memory and after scientists and researchers analyzed it in their laboratory, they found out more about the herb and how it affects our brain and body. They have also developed a nootropic supplement using this plant.

Some historical details

Ginkgo plant was available in the forests of every continent about 270 million years back. The life of each plant is about 2500 years and during this period, it can produce bioactive leaves that can benefit us. Chinese people knew about this plant almost 1500 years ago. They used to make herbal medicine out of this plant for curing various ailments.

How does it work?

As per Chinese principle of energy called “Chi”, Ginkgo can boost the Chi in our body. According to modern scientists, its main components like ginkgolides, flavonoids and bilobalides help in improving circulation of oxygen rich blood in our body and brain. Also it helps to block excessive clot formation in our blood vessels and therefore our vessel walls remain intact and strong. Due to all these reasons, blood flows to our brain and help in boosting our memory and reasoning abilities.

Ginkgo also improves our concentration, thoughts and mental energy due to preservation of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine levels. This better performance for your brain is further achieved by inhibiting MAO levels, which is a chemical that helps siphoning out valuable hormones that are responsible for depression and brain fog.

Benefits of Ginkgo

As Ginkgo enhances circulation of blood in our brain, which can boost our memory, helps us to remain alert, improves our concentration and also protects our brain against cerebrovascular insufficiency. It can cure headache and provide protection against stroke. Many users also feel that their mood and mental energy has boosted as they feel by consuming caffeine.

In addition to above Ginkgo can also fight against bacterial and fungal infection. Inflammation of our ear canals nasal passages and bronchial tubes can also be reduced. Many doctors prescribe Ginkgo for the treatment of myriad of small pain, aches and illnesses. However, it is better known as brain supplement.


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