Dibutylone is the drug which is similar in effect to the methylone. This drug is named as DMBDB, booty or beauty drugs. This is the potential drug which is now being available in the developed countries like UK, USA and is now also being deliver to Europe. This drug is a psychedelic drug which belongs to amphetamine, cotinine and phenethylamine drug group. These drugs are used in two different ways. One way is in the clinical ways and the other way of using the drug isn’t legal in a lot of countries. The clinically the drug is used to make the user active. It is a stimulating drug which is used to initiate the reaction in the client. In other words it can be said that this drug is used to provide stimulation to the user. It produces sort of euphoric conditions and the user install feels calm by its use. It increases the activation of brain activity and also provokes the user to think clearly and with great energy. Since it is beneficial for the user in terms of clinical use; this drug is considered legal to sell in nearly all of the countries all over the world. Sometimes the drugs are over sued by the users and then they are taken as the drugs which are supposed to be illegal around the world. These drugs should be carefully used by the users and the physicians should be careful about prescribing the drugs to the patients so that they are not over used by the clients. There are several ways to buy this drug. There are several online stores which sell the drug and also there are several methods through which the users can acquire the drug through PayPal methods. There are several sites through which the person can get the drugs. In specific countries; the drug is available in the best feel. Comespecially in the company situated in china. These are the places from where you can bring the drug home and use it for the clinical use. The other drug is ethylphenidate is also a same drug which has the effect same as that of methylone but it is safe than the other drugs. It is also taken as dopamine reuptake inhibitor and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. This chemical usually is formed when the alcohol and methylphenidate are taken at same times. It is also formed when the alcohol is also consumed in large quantity which is then used for the father processes.  These chemicals are widely available all over the country and mostly it is used as the chemical laboratory functions. These drugs are also called the designer drugs which means that the synthesizer add and deduct the substances according to the desire of the user. These drugs are available all over the world and then can be used according to the user’s desire. However, the same rules applies on these drugs as well. These drugs should be used in careful manner so that they can be used in positive manner and population can benefit from it. Since these drugs are new in the market; they are not authentic to use that much. This is why there are very less users in the internet who can tell about the effects of the drugs.


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